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,Group managing director/group chief executive officer Mohd Rashid Mohamad

KUALA LUMPUR: RHB Banking Group has clinched a total of seven regional industry awards in recognition for its holistic approach in innovating and elevating the banking experience of its retail and business banking customers.

The bank, in a statement, said this further enhanced its position as a preferred community banking partner in line with its commitment in delivering excellent service to customers.

The bank has received several community banking awards including being named Best Retail Bank in Malaysia at the annual Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards 2022.

The group was also awarded the Excellence in SME Banking award for its innovative approach in enhancing its digital SME ecosystem at the Retail Banker International Asia Trailblazer Awards 2022, and Best Trade Finance Bank in Malaysia at the annual Alpha Southeast Asia Best Financial Institutions Awards 2022, RHB’s fifth win in six years.

In addition to these, RHB was named Best Digital Bank in Malaysia at the Alpha Southeast Asia Best Financial Institutions Awards 2022.

Group managing director/group chief executive officer Mohd Rashid Mohamad said its innovative approach to the development and delivery of financial solutions through high levels of digitalisation creates a more seamless and secure, and personalised end-to-end banking experience for our customers.

“This has greatly benefitted our customers and as a result, our digital transactions have increased significantly from 64% in 2017 to 93% at the end of 2021, and we expect for this to accelerate to 95% by 2024.

“We have seen similar progress within the SME segment that encourages us to continue enhancing our digital SME ecosystem. This has resulted in a number of first-in-market solutions including API integration for merchants as well as RHB SME e-Solutions, which forms part of our larger SME Online Financing platform.

“Apart from that, our versatile RHB Reflex allows customers to manage cash flow through account, payment, collection and liquidity management,” he said.

“As a trusted financial institution with deep roots within our local communities, these awards reflect our commitment in prioritising customer experience by bringing together the best digital experiences for the benefit of our customers.

“This is in line with our recently launched Together We Progress 24 (TWP24) 2022-2024 strategy, where our focus includes delivering market-leading and seamless customer experience that holistically addresses our customer’s personal and business needs,” he added.


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